Cadbury sixth form

The college is a sixth form school located in the south of Birmingham. The institution specializes in teaching students between 16 to19 years. If you reside in the area or neighboring counties, you qualified for application into the school.

The school's reputation is based on caring, teaching, and pastoral care. All the students get an opportunity to explore different specializations and challenge their capabilities. The school key value is to help you exploit your full capacity.

You are offered an excellent opportunity to go and study in some of the best universities in the UK. Getting a place in Cadbury is considered a significant pathway to achieving your dream. There is a full-time employment opportunity once you have finished your course.


The institution's location is at Kings Norton Cadbury. Based on this area you are sure of several advantages like quality transport links and fantastic scenery. When talk of transport, it includes bus stops and train station which are near the school facility.

The college has 40 courses specializing in different subjects. You have a wide range of qualifications that opens opportunities to study various levels. The school provides A–level, C-TEC and BTECS courses. You have an advantage since there are options for level 2 and level 3 courses.

You get an opportunity to learn studies relating to innovation. The college will in 2018 provide a range of professional career pathway courses. These courses include a pool of A-level diplomas that increase the employment chances. You can also opt to further your education at the university.


The Cadbury sixth forms Birmingham is seeking to improve their courses so that they can cover a whole range of careers. The diversity helps the student to choose what they want. This means there will be a wide variety of qualifications availed to the students by the institution.


At Cadbury, you will find business, entrepreneurship and enterprise studies. The school has by far differentiated its courses to the benefit of the students. Computer science, digital media, engineering and health qualifications are waiting if you enroll at the institution.